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Don't worry citizens of Austism Power, we have superheros Jackie & Alec watching over our beloved city at all times. Stay tuned for all our superhero news at the City Tribune!


BigIQkids uses a revolutionary approach to education kid that leverages interactive technologies to promote independent learning. BigIQKids joined forces with a renowned certified ABA therapist who has a passion for children.  Together, AutismPower was created.  The  computer is a fantastic way to teach repetitive skills that are essential but take time for children with autism to master, and we present them in a fun and interesting format.  Parents need to learn as children learn, so there is a video with each skill game filled with tips on how to teach the particular skill to your child.  New games will be introduced bi weekly so your child can keep progressing, and tips from Jackie will keep you informed of behavioral techniques that all parents with children on the spectrum face.  Let’s gather together in our fight.  Come join us in raising your little one’s superpowers!

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